Welcome note

Welcome to the home of ASKSA:KZN.  As committee and association we welcome you to our website and ask that you enjoy getting to know us and what we do, a little better. 

Specialised Kinesiology has a solid and respectable reputation. Our contribution to the holistic improvement in the lives of people is now widely accepted.

One of the constants in life is that there will always be change. Sometimes these changes result in stresses in the physical, emotional or mental aspects of our lives. These in turn lead to us being out of balance, and may manifest in dis-ease or dis-comfort. Specialised Kinesiology works in enabling the client to restore their balance thus allowing their innate systems to function optimally.

Just as there is constant change in life, so is there constant change in the developments in our field. Specialised Kinesiology is an ever-evolving modality. For this reason, our members are required to attend workshops on an annual basis to ensure they keep abreast of the new research and discoveries occurring on an international basis.

In order to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit from your Specialised Kinesiologist, I encourage you to enquire whether they are an ASK-SA member.

Being in a position of choice empowers you. You, too, can have this power by making use of Specialised Kinesiology. We believe it is “Your body, your health, your choice.”

While you will find a list of our registered members on this website, for information from around the country, please feel free to visit our national website www.kinesiologysa.co.za.  Thank you!